14-Day Express Slimming Concentrate (14 pack)

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Plant-based slimming formula

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Product Description

The LPG® 14 Day Express Slimming Concentrate helps control weight, facilitates the body’s elimination functions, stimulates metabolism, and helps destroy fat within the body. It is sold in a box with 14 ready-to-drink doses in orange or peach flavour and is part of the body endermologie® program by LPG® which helps to burn the fat released by the CELLU M6 Alliance®.

Good to Know:

Saddlebags are formed when fats collect under the skin and enlarge the buttocks and the area behind the thighs as a result of insufficient exercise and poor diet. Find your nearest LPG® Endermologie® centre to get the best nutricosmetic body treatment option for a healthy you.


The LPG® 14 Day Express Slimming Concentrate is to be consumed by drinking. Shake well before consumption and open the dose by simply pressing the container with your finger.

It is to be taken as part of a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, not to be taken in between meals. It is to be consumed only one pure or diluted dose a day for 14 days.

Complementary Products:

To complete your body endermologie® program, drink the LPG® 14 Day Express Slimming Concentrate after a session of CELLU M6 Alliance®. Drink LPG® 14 Day Express Slimming Concentrate together with other endermologie® nutricosmetic products:

  1. 14-Day Express Organic Slimming Tea 
  2. SOS Fat and Sugar Control
  3. 14-Day LPG Express Day and Night Orange Peel Stop
  4. 14-Day Express Anti-Aging & Radiance Concentrate


It is important to drink a full glass of water after a body endermologie® session.

This product is not recommended for children, adolescents and pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high temperature.

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14-Day Express Slimming Concentrate Benefits

The LPG® 14 Day Express Slimming Concentrate is a plant-based formula that assists with:

  • Fat-burning
  • Volume loss
  • Eliminating excess water in the body
  • Smoothing the skin