Draining Detox Serum (150ml)

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Helps eliminate the roundness of the whole body

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Product Description

The LPG® Draining Detox Serum helps to quickly and effectively eliminate the roundness of the whole body. It releases fat from the body, eliminates excess water, smooths the skin, and reduces the sensation of “heavy legs”. It is sold in a 150 ml tube containing non-sticky, blue-coloured gel that gives an instant fresh feeling when applied. It is designed for quick penetration to aid LPG Slimming Complex. It is part of the endermologie Aqueous Cellulite, Fluid Mobilisation protocols by LPG which efficiently reduces aqueous cellulite.

Good to Know:

Cellulite on the calves and buttocks is caused by fat retention between the tissues due to various reasons which includes poor diet and insufficient exercise. Find your nearest LPG endermologie centre to get the best body treatment option for you.


The LPG Draining Detox Serum is to be applied on targeted areas such as the buttocks or the legs until complete absorption of the product.
Apply the serum twice a day every morning and evening.


To complete your slimmer calves routine, use the Draining Detox Serum with other Endermologie® products in this order:

  1. Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream
  2. LPG treatment head – Find an endermologie treatment centre
  3. Draining Detox Serum


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high temperature.


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Draining Detox Serum Benefits

The LPG® Draining Detox Serum is enriched with the exclusive LPG® Slimming Complex, which helps eliminate bulges from the body quickly and effectively.

Specifically it:

  • Helps to eliminate excess water to smooth the skin and streamline legs
  • Promotes circulatory well-being

Draining Detox Serum Ingredients

The LPG® Draining Detox Serum contains;

  • 4% LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex which consists of red algae hydrolysate and pure caffeine for optimum slimming effect
  • 1% Escin which is derived from horse chestnut; it has anti-edema and vasoconstriction properties. The draining action of escin effectively fights aqueous cellulite.


  • Paraben-free
  • Phenoxyethanol-free