Our Brands

CompactCath Logo

The multidisciplinary team at CompactCath was founded at stanford d.school's Design for Service Innovation course in March 2011. They saw a need to innovate upon current catheters in the market, so applied design thinking methodologies and worked with dozens of physicians, nurses, and catheter users to develop CompactCath. CompactCath is driven by a goal to design medical devices that enable those with chronic conditions to lead active, thriving, independent lives.


Augusta Medical Systems logo

Founded in 2004, Augusta Medical Systems is the leader in vacuum therapy technology. Over forty years ago, Geddings Osbon applied his knowledge of vacuum pressure and mechanical processes to create the world’s first vacuum erection device (VED). He called it the Youth Equivalent Device (YED). Today, Gedding’s family continues his innovative work.


Endo Personal Care Logo

Endo Personal Care is an affiliate of Endotherapeutics which has been providing specialised medical technologies to the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Endo Personal Care provides access for consumers and patients to purchase quality medical and beauty products with the aim to help Australians improve their lives.


Montavit logo

As a leading and independent health company in Austria, Montavit has specialised in therapeutic areas and clinical pictures that cause high levels of suffering for those affected. In urology, Montavit is a global pioneer in sterile anesthetic lubricants for use when inserting catheters or other interventions in the urethra.


PathRight Medical Logo

PathRight Medical was formed in 2015 to meaningfully improve the lives of men with Peyronie’s disease or those with side effects associated with urological surgeries or chronic disease. To achieve this mission, PathRight Medical developed RestoreX in cooperation with Mayo Clinic.


LPG logo

For over 30 years, French company LPG endermologie® has made its state-of-the-art devices available to men and women throughout the world in their fight for natural beauty. In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, endermologie® offers a 100% natural alternative.


Personalmed Logo

Personal Med’s mission is to advance the pelvic health of women with incontinence and/or prolapse. They do this by providing the best-in-class medical devices supported by knowledgeable, caring staff.


Miromed Logo

The MiroMed Pfleiderer GmbH has it’s administration as well as the central warehouse in Frankfurt am Main and provides more than 20,000 different products to customers throughout the world.


Endotherapeutics Logo

Endotherapeutics was founded in 1999 by Ivan Srejber with a small team, and a number of innovative, niche medical technologies that provided quality of life improving solutions to healthcare professionals. Since then, hard work combined with tenacity, dynamism, drive and determination has turned Endotherapeutics into a leading Australian healthcare technologies company that operates across both Australia and New Zealand.


Cooper Surgical Logo

CooperSurgical's focus is women’s health. They are a trusted source for medical instruments, devices, and disposables that serve the healthcare needs of women throughout their lives. They continue to foster that position through expansion of their core businesses and the introduction of advanced, technology-based products that aid clinicians in the management and treatment of commonly seen conditions.


Ethical Zinc logo

Ethical Zinc make certified natural zinc oxide sunscreens. Made in Australia using 100% solar power. Certified cruelty free. Reef safe. Suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.


T&R Biofab Logo

Korean company T&R Biofab has experienced a rapid growth with their unique technology and have developed for cell-printed medical devices including bioinks, as well as materials and software. They aim to claim the title for the best biomedical engineering company in the world that is capable of printing human organs and tissues in vitro for clinical transplantation. They strive to cure the world of life’s pain and realise its value through their research.


Rystora Logo Brands

RYSTORA® brand emphasises” IN HARMONY WITH YOUR SKIN ” eligibility, for the product development, in view of the physiology of the different parts of the skin, blending play application synergy.
With 40 years deep medical field of manufacturing and research and innovation with micro-pore technology characteristics of scar care silicon film, the humidity range is similar to the skin, and can reduce the discomfort and allergic skin, repair scar to achieve the best results.


Bluetens logo

Founded in Paris, France in 2015, Bluetens brings together medical, sporting and technology experts, with a shared desire to improve people's lives by making cutting edge medical technology more accessible to more people.


Fizimed Logo

Fizimed is a company based in Strasbourg, France, that specialises in the development of innovative connected medical solutions. The startup was created by a woman for women. By working daily to raise awareness on subjects that are often taboo, Fizimed advocates for the health issues of not only those women who use its products, but all women.


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